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Driver training

Before anyone can legally drive a vehicle on the road they need a driving licence for the type of vehicle they are driving, meet the age criteria and have the required standard of eyesight.

Driving test

To drive a car or larger vehicle unaccompanied they must have passed a driving test. The rules for those that passed a test outside Great Britain are explained in detail on GOV.UK/Driving Licences website.

The driving test has been around since 1935 and when introducing it the then Minister of Transport Leslie Hore-Belisha said,

“Driving is a skill in which those who are engaged should, in the interest of their own and of the public’s safety, take the greatest pains to make themselves proficient.”

Whilst the driving test has under gone many changes over the years and there is no doubt that these along with many other advances in road safety have made Great Britain's roads much safer, passing the test should not be seen as the end of a driver's education but perhaps the end of the beginning.

Pre-driver training

Bedford Borough Council's Road Safety Team believe that the very beginning starts BEFORE anyone gets behind the wheel of a car or rides a motorcycle. The team run local initiatives and supports national campaigns to influence attitudes and behaviours rather than the physical skills to safely ride or drive. Click on the link below to find out more.

Xccelerate (for young people between 16 and 17)

Continuing driver development

Good riding or driving is can only be developed with additional practice and coaching.

To this end Bedford Borough Council Road Safety Team continues its commitment and support for both  :-

  • RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders ( RoADAR) , and the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) who provide low cost ways of improving driving standards.
  • These organisations operate local groups who can give guidance and support to encourage the improvement of driving skills in a constructive way.
  • By passing the advanced driving course you will be a far safer driver and may be able to negotiate a discount for your car insurance.

Details of the local IAM and RoADAR groups can be found on our Better Driving page here.

Driving safely cannot be thought of as an add-on extra' it has to be built into the way you drive, the way you think, your approach and attitude to road safety.

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