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Bus service providers

Bus services in Bedford Borough are run by independent commercial companies, many of which are based locally. Some of these companies are part of larger national operating groups. 

Bus service update 

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak there are changes to bus services in the borough. Please check the bus operator’s website before you travel.

You can view the most up to date timetables from Stagecoach here. 

Stagecoach in Bedford (for all services except service 50)
Email: (customer services)
Email: (disability helpdesk)
Tel: 01234 220030

Grant Palmer Ltd
Tel: 01525 719719

Ivel Sprinter
Tel: 01767 261074

Road Runner
Tel: 07749 545210

Tel: 01707 255764

Tel: 0300 1233023

The Villager Minibus
Tel: 01234 781920

Helpline: 07960 388111

The bus service network

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the Borough Council to provide a service for every journey an individual may wish to make. Instead, it aims to provide journeys to meet the needs of as many passengers as possible within the resources available to it.

In the last decade, the commercial bus network in North Bedfordshire has reduced and the number of services paid for by the Local Authority has grown. This means that whereas 80% of services used to be run commercially and 20% run with support from the Local Authority a decade ago, now just over 70% of services are run commercially with nearly 30% supported by the Local Authority.

Expenditure on bus services

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is as to how much money the authority spends on supporting bus services. 

The annual expenditure is detailed below:

Financial Year

Total Expenditure

Total Expenditure exc BSOG**



















Notes on above table:

  • ** The Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG, and formerly Fuel Duty Rebate) is a scheme that refunds some of the Fuel Duty incurred by operators of registered local bus services in the United Kingdom.
  • BSOG was devolved to local authorities from January 2014. It is added and incorporated as part of the daily contract price and the full annual allocation is provided for bus services.  
  • Cross boundary charges are excluded (in order to avoid double counting of expenditure with other local authorities)
  • The figures shown above include contract payments to bus operators for operating local bus services.  The figures do not include concessionary fares or other reimbursements for PlusBus or for tickets purchased for scholars under our school transport policy. 

Additional funding – Covid19 Pandemic

Since the beginning of the covid19 crisis Bedford Borough Council has received Covid19 Bus Service Support Grant (CBSSG) from central government of £35,000 per month. This funding has been used to fill the passenger revenue income loss by bus operators on supported and de-minimis services. This combined with the continued support provided by Bedford Borough Council has enabled bus operators to ensure that essential bus services are available for health and critical workers.

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