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Qualifying age for a bus pass

The age at which a person qualifies for a "pensioner" concessionary bus pass is gradually increasing as the national retirement age increases. 

The table below show the date on which someone will qualify for a pass based on their date of birth. 

Anyone born earlier that the first date of birth shown will already qualify.

Date of Birth Day Qualifies for a Pass
6th June 1953 to 5th July 1953  6th March 2017 
6th July 1953 to 5th August 1953 6th July 2017
6th August 1953 to 5th September 1953 6th November 2017 
6th September 1953 to 5th October 1953  6th March 2018
6th October 1953 to 5th November 1953  6th July 2018
6th November 1953 to 5th December 1953      6th November 2018
6th December 1953 to 5th January 1954 6th March 2019
6th January 1954 to 5th February 1954  6th May 2019
6th February 1954 to 5th March 1954 6th July 2019
6th March 1954 to 5th April 1954 6th September 2019
6th April 1954 to 5th May 1954  6th November 2019
6th May 1954 to 5th June 1954  6th January 2020
6th June 1954 to 5th July 1954  6th March 2020
6th July 1954 to 5th August 1954 6th May 2020
6th August 1954 to 5th September 1954 6th July 2020
Born on or after 06 September 1954  Date of 66th birthday 

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