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Bus pass changes

Concessionary bus travel in Bedford Borough before 9:30am and after 11pm on weekdays changed from 1 February 2017 with most free travel replaced by a £1 fare.

Who is affected?

Bedford Borough residents who have an English National Concessionary Travel pass (pensioners and qualifying disabled people).

Which bus journeys are affected?

Only journeys on weekdays that are wholly within Bedford Borough and start before 9:30am or after 11pm are affected. Travel at other times will continue to be free for pass holders.

What are the changes?

Pass holders will be able to travel on most of these journeys for a fare of £1 per journey.

The full fare will be charged before 9:30am and after 11pm on X5 services and on journeys beyond the Bedford Borough boundary. Travel on these services will continue to be free at other times.

Are their any exceptions?

Yes, on routes where there is only one morning service (at present this applies to route 22 Peppercorn Park and Cowper Road) and on community transport services. Travel on these services will be free for journeys with the Borough and for a fare of £1 for journeys beyond the Borough boundary.

Do companions of a disabled pass holder have to pay?

No. A companion of a disable person with a companion pass can travel free at anytime within Bedford Borough.

Is the Door to Door service affected?

No. The fare for Door to Door services will continue to be free for journeys within the Borough (however, membership and booking fees are charged by the service operator).

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