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Vehicle access kerbs

Obstruction of dropped kerbs

We have the power to enforce upon vehicles which are parked in front/on dropped kerbs.

There are two different types of dropped kerbs to which we consider enforceable. They are:

  • dropped kerbs to access residential premises and
  • dropped kerbs located on the Highway ie road crossings, wheelchair and pushchair access ramps.

Obstructed dropped kerb to residential property

Vehicles which are parked on dropped kerbs leading to residential properties can be enforced upon only at the request of the resident.

It is difficult for an Enforcement Officer to identify whether the vehicle parked on the dropped kerb belongs to the resident of the property or to another motorist. Therefore we rely upon the resident to inform us, and resources permitted, we will attempt to visit the location as soon as possible. If the contravening vehicle is still at the location at the time of the Enforcement Officer's visit, then they may issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to that vehicle.

Please note that Bedford parking services have the powers to issue a PCN only. The vehicle may only be removed at the discretion of the police authority.

Obstructed dropped kerb on the highway

If a vehicle is seen to be parked in front/on a dropped kerb on the Highway, then an Enforcement Officer may issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) instantly to that vehicle. This regulation applies to all road users.

Installing a dropped kerb/vehicle crossover to your property

Find out more about installing vehicle accesses to your property.