Parking in Bedford Borough - Overview

You can find further information about parking in Bedford Borough within this section. 

Public and town centre car parks 

We have a range of public car parks for workplace parking or parking while shopping in Bedford Town Centre. You can view an accessible map which shows all our town centre car parks, along with further information about season tickets and permits. Don’t forget, we now offer 2 hours free parking on Saturday and all day Sunday in our council owned town centre car parks

Controlled parking zones 

You can find out where in Bedford Borough our controlled parking zones (CPZ) are located and why we have them. Along with information on our various types of parking bays. If a vehicle is causing an obstruction or is abandoned, you can report this to us here

Parking permits

We offer different types of parking permits, season tickets and schemes.

Blue Badge Scheme 

The Blue Badge Scheme is a national parking concession scheme. Holders are able to park close to their destination. This only applies to on street parking but we do allow concessions such as free parking in our car parks. Find more information about the scheme and if you are eligible and how you can apply here.  

Electric Vehicle Chargepoints 

Find out information about electric vehicle chargepoints in Bedford Borough here.  

Penalty charges for contravention

Charges for parking unlawfully are £70 or £50 depending on the nature of the contravention. 

If you do not pay the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) after all appeals have been exhausted, there will be additional charges. Visit our page on fines for further information.