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Sea Themed Play Area Coming to Jubilee Park

As part of the Council’s £500,000 investment in play areas, works are set to begin at a play area in Jubilee Park.

The play area nearest to the Jubilation Centre will have new play equipment installed including a seafaring play unit, see saw, hammock and wheelchair accessible roundabout and trampoline. This new playground has been designed to improve accessibility and includes inclusive equipment, so more children can experience this fabulous, new sea themed space for play.

The works will begin on Monday 27 June and are expected to be complete by the end of July.

To enable these improvements to be undertaken, the currently fenced playground will have to be closed, but other play facilities in the park will remain open as normal.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said, “I’m really excited to see these play areas being improved at different parks across the Borough, from fairies and an enchanted wood at Bedford Park, to this sea themed play area at Jubilee Park.

“These new play areas will create great opportunities for children to get creative in their play, as well as more children and families having the chance to play together in more accessible and inclusive play areas.”