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Works Begin In Exciting Upgrade of Bedford Park Play Area

The play area at the east of Bedford Park, nearest the lake, will be having a major upgrade as part of Bedford Borough Council’s £500,000 investment in children’s play areas this year.

The new playground will be fairytale themed, with a toddler and junior zone and a magical enchanted forest area. Also being created within the play park is a new sensory picnic area, with accessible benches and sensory play features.

A range of new equipment is being installed including play units, a seesaw, roundabout, trampoline and swings. This new play equipment will include inclusive items along with improvements to support accessibility to help open up the play experience to more children.

These works are due to start later this week and the play area will need to be closed throughout to ensure the works can be delivered safely and efficiently. They are expected to be complete and the new play area open by the end of July.

This project is one of a number of play area improvements taking place this summer, with works completed at Fairhill playground by Sainsbury’s, ongoing at Balliol Road and upcoming at Jubilee Park.

Exciting works are also happening at Russell Park with the creation of an inclusive and accessible outdoor play area in partnership with the Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum, also expected to be open by the end of July.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said “This will be a really exciting and inclusive play area at Bedford Park. Play is a really important part of a child’s development, and fun in the park or in the local playground with family and friends form part of really happy memories for so many of us.

“I am looking forward to work being completed, and there still being plenty of the summer holidays left for children and families to get out and get playing.”