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Mayor Dave Hodgson Announces Solar Panel Scheme

Mayor Dave Hodgson has announced a scheme to encourage residents to come together to invest in renewables through a group-buying scheme for solar panels and battery storage – ‘Solar Together Bedfordshire’.

Bedford Borough Council is working in partnership with Central Bedfordshire and Luton Councils as part of Solar Together Bedfordshire.

Solar Together Bedfordshire ( helps homeowners feel confident that they are paying the right price for a high-quality installation from pre-approved installers.

This innovative scheme builds on four years of highly successful Solar Together programme run across the UK. To date Solar Together has delivered over 7,000 installations and over 130,000 tonnes of avoided lifetime carbon emissions. 

From 9 May, Bedford Borough residents can join the group-buying scheme which offers solar panels with optional battery storage and EV charge points, as well as retrofit battery storage for residents who have already invested in solar panels and are looking to get more from the renewable energy they generate as well as increase their independence from the grid.

It is free to register and there is no obligation to go ahead with an installation. Bedford Borough Council is working in partnership with Central Bedfordshire and Luton Councils, alongside independent experts iChoosr, to make the transition to clean energy as cost effective and hassle-free as possible.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said “Solar Together Bedfordshire gives local residents the opportunity to come together in a group-buying scheme, to get high quality solar panels at the right price, with installation from pre-approved installers.

“At this stage, we are inviting people to register online to become part of the group. There is no obligation to go ahead with the installation. So if you are interested, please visit”

How does it work?
  • From 9 May: Householders can register online to become part of the group for free and without obligation.
  • Pre-approved UK solar PV suppliers participate in an auction on 14 June. They are able to offer competitive pricing as the volume and geographic concentration makes it possible for them to realise greater efficiencies, which they pass on with lower prices for installations.
  • After the auction, registered households will be emailed a personal recommendation which is specific to the details they submitted in their registration.
  • If they choose to accept their recommendation, the specifics of their installation will be confirmed with a technical survey after which a date can be set for the installation of their solar PV system.
  • Telephone and email helpdesks are on-hand throughout the whole process which, together with information sessions, will allow households to make an informed decision in a safe and hassle-free environment.
Marie-Louise Abretti, iChoosr UK Solar Manager added “With energy prices continuing to increase, residents of Bedfordshire are looking for opportunities to reduce their carbon emissions, save on energy bills and increase their independence from the grid.  The Solar Together group-buying scheme offers a straightforward way to make an informed decision and to access a competitive offer from a trusted, vetted provider.”

iChoosr has a strong track record of delivering group purchase schemes for local authorities. It has worked with 160 UK local authorities on its collective energy switching schemes. Furthermore, in 2018 UK councils, in collaboration with iChoosr, initiated their collective purchase schemes for solar PV systems. iChoosr’s schemes have been delivered in partnership with local authorities in five countries. Over 70 schemes led to 110,000 residents installing solar PV systems.