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Drop-In Vaccinations for Everyone Aged 18 and Over in Bedford Borough This Weekend

The NHS is now inviting people aged 18 and over in Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes to have their life-saving Covid-19 jab.

So far, the NHS in Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes has dispensed over 960,000 vaccinations and appointments are still available for those in the initial cohorts who have not yet been protected.

Invitations to people aged 18 have begun today, so if you receive one, please do act on it as soon as possible and join the millions of others who are helping to protect themselves and others, and continue our progress back towards normal life.

The NHS currently vaccinates using three vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca, all of which have been approved as safe and effective by the world leading medical regulator the MHRA.

In Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes people aged 39 and under without an underlying health condition are offered the Pfizer vaccine in line with JCVI guidance, which will be available through many different centres, such as the large vaccination centres, pharmacies and drop-in clinics across the region. To find out where you can go visit the BLMK website.

To book into any of the centres use the National Booking System online or call 119.

Or if you prefer to use a drop-in centre this weekend, drop-in clinics are available:

Bedford Heights from 9am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.
The Harpur Suite, next to Bedford Central Library from 11am-5pm on Saturday.
King's House on Ampthill Road from 1pm-7pm on Saturday. 

Dr Sarah Whiteman, Chair of the CCG said “It is vital that everyone aged 18 or over, takes advantage of the many ways they can access the vaccine. We understand that it can sometimes seem difficult to fit into our busy lives, but there are so many convenient options, and it is it is just as vital to get your jab now as it was on day one. The vaccine is the best way we can all protect ourselves our families and our communities so use the convenient drop-in centres or book through the National Booking System!”