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The Jobs Hub is open for business

The Jobs Hub is here to help residents of Bedford Borough find employment, training and apprenticeship opportunities.

COVID-19 has caused many uncertainties in the job market, with people struggling to find employment and some looking to retrain to pursue new career paths, The Jobs Hub is available to all residents of Bedford Borough who would like support and guidance to help them.

The Jobs Hub reopened the doors to their building on Greyfriars on 2 November and are ready to support residents who are searching for work and training opportunities. Since March, the Jobs Hub have been working remotely and offering telephone appointments to residents looking for support. They are now also offering pre-booked face-to-face appointments to give careers advice and guidance to people in Bedford Borough.

Whether you are looking for work, training or business opportunities, the Jobs Hub team are available to help however they can. Since 2017, they have helped over 2,200 people to find employment, full-time education or become self-employed.

The Jobs Hub supports people seeking employment. It is open to people of all ages and can help to find employment, training and apprenticeships. If you’re looking at creating a CV, or have already secured an interview, the Jobs Hub has careers advisors who can help you to maximise your chances of success through any application.

The Jobs Hub also supports businesses looking to hire new staff. If you’re an employer and have vacancies, the Jobs Hub can refer the right people for the jobs you’re looking to fill.

Dave Hodgson, Mayor of Bedford Borough, said, “Since first opening, the Jobs Hub has helped residents across the Borough find employment, education and business support. They have taken significant steps to ensure that people who want to visit the Jobs Hub can do so in a COVID secure way.

“Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has presented both nationally and locally, we continue to look to the future and at how we will recover. Businesses continue to invest in and relocate to Bedford Borough, creating new employment opportunities for residents. We need to ensure we are doing everything we can to help residents access these jobs and training opportunities so they can return to work. There is no doubt the Jobs Hub can be a great help to people looking for work in these difficult times.

“If you need advice on an issue related to COVID-19, you can find support on our website by visiting”

If you would like to speak with a careers advisor or book a telephone or face-to-face appointment you can contact The Jobs Hub on 01234 223510 or email Information is also available online at

You can sign-up to regular updates and bulletins on employment and training opportunities with the Jobs Hub Vacancy and Apprenticeship Bulletin. Visit to sign-up.