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£900 in Fines Issued After Waste Given to Rogue Traders Found Fly-Tipped

In the last two weeks, Bedford Borough Council has issued three £300 fines to individuals after their household and garden waste was fly-tipped, having been given to rogue traders for disposal.

Investigations were also carried out to identify the people who committed the fly-tipping but unfortunately the residents didn’t have any further details of the individuals who took their waste.

Earlier this year the Council introduced a new Fixed Penalty Notice. This gave it the power to issue a £300 fine to people who are responsible for fly-tipping because they allowed an unauthorised person to get rid of their household waste.

It is estimated that two-thirds of fly-tipping is household waste, much of which is fly-tipped when a householder allowed an unauthorised person to take it away, rather than the owner of the waste fly-tipping it themselves.

Fly-tipping is a real blight on local green spaces and communities. When disposing of waste, be sure to use a licensed waste carrier and get a receipt. Individuals can check for a waste carrier’s license on the Environment Agency website.

Cllr Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for Environment said “These three fines have been issued because these individuals allowed a rogue trader to get rid of their waste, which then ended up fly-tipped. If you are disposing of waste, avoid dealing with cold callers offering such services, be sure to always use a licensed waste carrier and get a receipt otherwise you could end up with a £300 fine.”

Remember not to deal with cold callers offering these type of services on your door step. Stay safe from Rogue Traders and scams and don’t be pressurised into agreeing to work on the doorstep. Check out further advice from Citizens Advice here