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‘Scoot to Santa’ in Priory County Park

Eleven schools in Bedford Borough took part in the Sustrans’ Santa Challenge with children walking, cycling or scooting to school, building up miles towards an imaginary journey all the way to Lapland to meet Santa Claus.

At the end of the challenge, Sustrans organised a celebration ‘Santa Scoot’ at Priory Country Park. Families from all over Bedford took part in gentle scoot or walk to meet Santa Claus.  Each child received a little gift before scooting back to Cloverdale Café for a hot drink and Christmassy treat.

Each child who walked, cycled or scooted during the two week competition gained a mile per journey, all adding towards the total target of 2,063 miles needed to reach Lapland. This year marked the fourth year in a row where the children of Bedford have been involved in the Santa Challenge.

In total, in Bedford Borough we had over 2,000 children travelling actively to school during the two weeks of the Santa Challenge and hopefully this behaviour will continue throughout the year.

Research shows that active travel to school makes children more alert and better prepared to face the school day than if they had arrived in a car.  Walking, cycling or scooting to school wakes up the mind and body. 

Cllr Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Transport said “The Santa Scoot was a great celebration for all the children and families who took part in this year’s Santa Challenge. I know this Challenge captures the imagination of children on their journey to Lapland as part of their school community and hopefully will encourage them to keep walking, cycling and scooting to school all through the year.”

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