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National Adoption Week 2018

National Adoption Week 2018 takes place from the 15th to 21st October. As ever the campaign will aim to find homes for those children who so desperately need them, but the focus for 2018 will be on the adopter. Bedford Borough Council is asking people from black and ethnic minority as well as LGBT communities to consider adoption.

In England, around 2000 children are waiting for loving adoptive parents. These children are a range of ages and a variety of backgrounds. What they have in common is a difficult start in life and that they can no longer be brought up by their birth families.

Cllr Shan Hunt, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Social Care said: “We welcome any enquiries from people interested in adoption, whether you’re married, single, gay or heterosexual; if you think you might be able to give a vulnerable child a loving home, please get in touch so that we can take you through the process step-by-step.”

She continues “There are lots of considerations within the matching process for adoption, including ethnicity, and we are always looking to encourage people to consider adoption. If you are interested in adoption, please get in touch with our Adoption team at Bedford Borough Council or request an adoption information pack on Prospective adoptive parents simply need to provide love, time and lifetime commitment to a child.”

Following on from Adoption Week, there will be an information evening at Borough Hall, on Wednesday 7 November, from 6.15pm – 8.30pm.

Call us on 01234 718718 or email to find out more.

For more details on National Adoption Week, visit