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Mayor announces Major Expansion in Bedford for Electric Vehicle Charging

Mayor Dave Hodgson has announced the introduction of 300 electric vehicle charging points, on 150 posts, across Bedford and Kempston for electric cars over the next 3 years, a massive increase on the existing number. 

Working in partnership with Chargemaster, the UK’s largest charge point manufacturer, the Council will install the stations on street and within car parks. Both fast and rapid chargers will be installed as part of the project and installations will begin in the coming months.

With national moves to ban new diesel and petrol cars from UK roads by 2040, electric cars are an increasingly common sight on our roads. Installing charging infrastructure is essential for local authorities to support the move to lower emissions and help residents make the switch to electric.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said 'The move to electric cars will only accelerate as sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles are phased out over the next twenty years.  That’s why we want to get ahead and make sure we have the infrastructure in place up front to support local residents making the change to electric and plug-in hybrid cars. This massive expansion of public charging points, installed at no cost to local taxpayers, will give those with electric vehicles peace of mind that Bedford has facilities in place for them to park and recharge.”

David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster, said “We are delighted to be working with Bedford Borough Council to install charging infrastructure around Bedford. As our headquarters and factory, in which all of our products are made, are based in Bedfordshire, this partnership is particularly special for us and we look forward to making electric vehicle ownership even easier for drivers living in or visiting Bedford.”

The 300 charge points installed within this agreement will be added to POLAR plus, the UK’s largest charging network, operated by Chargemaster. Normal car park charging rates will apply.