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Replacements Lifts are now complete at Lurke Street Car Park

All 4 lifts at Lurke Street Multi Storey Car Park have now been replaced and are providing visitors with easy access to all floors of the Park Mark accredited carpark.

Further improvement work started on the car park September 2017 to make it more accessible and user friendly. This included removing and replacing the 2 lifts at the entrance from Howard St, 1 lift at Lurke St and a fourth lift at the entrance from Duke St. These are faster more efficient lifts which will save time and reduce energy costs.

Other works that have been carried out to help keep the Car Park safe and secure include:

Lighting system; this has been replaced with new emergency lighting and new high efficient LED fittings creating a better environment for the public.

Fire Alarm system; a full new fire alarm system has been installed which links with the shops below, creating a safer location to park.

CCTV cameras; 43 new HD CCTV cameras have been installed to provide greater security for the users of the car park.

Lurke Street MSCP has 790 car parking spaces and offers free parking for 2 hours every Saturday, all day Sunday and between 6pm until 6am during the week. 

Mayor, Dave Hodgson said: “These renovations were introduced as part of a new scheme to help support and improve our town centre. We want people to come and use our award winning car parks, take advantage of our free parking offers and feel safe in doing so.”