Bedford Borough Council Extends Household Support Grant

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Bedford Borough Council has used its discretionary power to extend the Household Support Grant criteria to include those who face additional energy costs because of a disability or they are living with a chronic illness.

Under the changes, eligible residents may be entitled to claim £100 additional support.

Disabled people may be facing extra challenges due to the additional and rising costs for the services they need to manage their conditions. For example, some disabled people may have increased utility bills due to the use of equipment, aids or adaptations associated with their disability.

Councillor Michael Headley, Portfolio Holder for Finance, said: “We’ve extended the Household Support Grant because we want to make sure we’re providing vital support to residents who need it the most.

“We are all facing a significant cost-of-living increase and those who require essential medical equipment or devices are all the more impacted by increased energy costs.”

If you or anyone one living in your household requires the use of medical equipment or devices for a chronic illness or disability, you can find out more and make an application at