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Consultation on Statement of Gambling Licensing Principles

The Licensing Authority is required to review its Statement of Gambling Licensing Principles every three years. This process is now, being undertaken and the Council is seeking views on the matter from interested parties. Since the previous Statement was adopted in January 2019, there have been no issues brought to the attention of the Authority that would require radical change.  

You will find the Authority’s draft statement at: Statement of Gambling licensing principles 2022 -2025


The timetable for this consultation is set out below:

16 September 2021  

Consultation commences 

14 October 2021 

Deadline for responses from consultees.

4 November 2021

Licensing Committee considers the outcome of the consultation and determines the revisions to the draft statement.

24 November 2021 

Consideration of the (revised ) draft statement by the Executive of Bedford Borough Council  

1 December 2021 

Determination of the new Statement of Principles by the meeting of the full Council. 

16 December 2021 

Publication of the Notice required to identify the new statement coming into effect

30 January  2022 

New Statement of licensing principles is operational 

Please submit your responses via email to or by post to Licensing, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, MK42 9AP.