How to apply online

Please make sure you read the instructions below to ensure your application is completed correctly.

We recommend you keeping this window/tab open after you access the new Career site so you can easily flick back and forth to our website for more guidance and information.

Creating a candidate account

You can browse vacancies at any time, but if you want to apply for a role you will need to create a candidate account.

  1. Click on create candidate account
  2. Input your username (this must be the email address that will be used for correspondence)
  3. Input a password (at least 5 characters)
  4. Confirm the username and password
  5. Click on remember me (optional)  
  6. Click on "Create candidate account"

You will then see a message to confirm your candidate account has been created successfully and you will be welcomed to the home page.

From here, you can carry out a number of tasks including creating searches and alerts, changing your username and password etc.

Applying for a vacancy

You can search for suitable vacancies by:

  • Keyword
  • Category
  • Contract type, or simply
  • View all vacancies           

For each vacancy you apply for, you will need to submit your current CV and a document confirming how you meet the selection criteria for the role.

You will find the selection criteria for each role in the ‘Job Profile’. You will need to show that you meet each of the criteria by giving examples. Failure to complete this correctly will mean that we are unable to score your application. 

Optional templates for both documents are provided:

It’s important that you have both of these documents prepared before moving on to the next stage.

You can now log in to your candidate account, select the vacancy and click on: "Apply for vacancy".

You will then be prompted to complete personal details. These details are held in your candidate account, so you will not need to complete these each time you apply, just amend them if anything has changed.

Now you are ready to upload your documents.

Only these file types are allowed: doc, docx, rtf, pdf, jpg, png, avi and mp4. If applying from an iPhone, please convert to one of the above formats.)

Uploading your CV

When you first apply, there will be no documents or attachments held in your account:

  1. Click on Browse
  2. Select your CV from your documents     
  3. Name the CV     
  4. Click on Add      
  5.  Your CV is now attached you your account           

If you apply for another role in the future, you can upload a current CV by following the same process.

Uploading your selection criteria

You will need to upload a selection criteria form for each vacancy you apply for. 

The selection criteria are the essential qualifications, skills, experience etc that you will need in order to be able to perform the duties attached to the role.

The process to upload your selection criteria document is the same as for your CV:

  1. Click on Browse
  2. Select your Selection criteria from your documents         
  3. Name the attachment (include the job title)        
  4. Click on Add      
  5. Your selection criteria is now attached to your account  

You can upload up to three CVs and three election criteria forms, just make sure you attach the correct one to each application.

When you are happy with your application, click send in the bottom right of the screen. You will be sent an email to confirm your application has been received, and a message will appear in your account.

Forgotten your password?

  1. Next time you want to log in to your account, click on Forgotten password
  2. Enter your username where prompted (this will be the email address you used to create your account)
  3. An email will be sent to you; click on the link in the email and you will then be able to change your password (please make sure you check your spam/junk folder)

Once the closing date has passed, the recruiting manager will carry out a short listing process. Please check your emails and candidate account for updates.

If you need help to create your CV, The Jobs Hub can help you.

Ready to apply online?

If you are now ready to apply for a vacancy please take a look using the link below, and and if you need more guidance just come back to this page.

Apply online