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Self and custom build housing

Self-build and custom housebuilding is housing built by individuals, or groups, for their own use, either by building the home on their own or by working with builders.

Self-build and custom housebuilding register

We are required by law to hold a register of people who are interested in self-build and custom housebuilding in Bedford Borough.

This register also includes people wanting to acquire serviced plots of land for self-build and custom housebuilding.

Read more about the self-build and custom housebuilding, legislation and the register:

We consider the register when carrying out our functions in relation to planning, housing, regeneration and the disposal of any land owned by the Council.

The register is not publicly available.

Qualifying for the register

To be included on the register you (and all the individuals in an association) must be:

  • age 18 or over
  • a British citizen, a national of an EEA State other than the United Kingdom, or a national of Switzerland
  • wanting to acquire a serviced plot of land to build a house to occupy as your sole or main home

Apply for inclusion on the register

Email us at to apply to be included on the register.

You can apply online to can be made online or by downloading and returning a form to

If you prefer to download the form, print it and return it by post, please send your completed application to The Housing Strategy Team, Bedford Borough Council, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford. MK42 9AP. Please attach a stamp.

Apply as an individual or household for one plot

Apply as an association

Once we have received your completed application we will consider your application and contact you within 28 days.

If the application is from an association, we will only notify the lead contact as identified in the application.

If you are not eligible for the register we will write to you to explain the reasons for that decision within 28 days of determining the application. If the application is from an association, we will only notify the lead contact as identified in the application.

Please note that registration does not guarantee that a suitable plot will be available.

Updating an entry on register

You can change or remove your details by emailing us or writing to the Housing Strategy Team at the address above.

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