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Good practice guide

We developed and adopted a Good Practice guide (PDF) which contains all the information landlords and tenants of rented accommodation need to know about the standards that apply to all rented housing.

The guide combines the relevant parts of the Housing Act 2004 and associated regulations with the government's 'decent homes' targets. It also includes useful definitions and a summary of current fire safety standards.

All landlords and letting agents, in fact, anyone involved in the private rented sector, should have copies of this guide and use it to benchmark standards in their rented properties. By doing so you can be confident of compliance with housing legislation. Good practice, however, is not just about what the law requires. It should reflect the best way to achieve practical results for landlords and accommodation that will ensure tenants are satisfied too.
The Guide was adopted by the Council in March 2008 after extensive consultation. This means the standards in the document provide a template for Housing Act enforcement in the Bedford Borough Council area.

If you would like to obtain printed copies of the guide please contact the housing team on 01234 718099 or email