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Housing strategies and policies

Find out more on our housing related strategies, mobile homes licensing, empty homes policy, tenancy fraud.

Housing strategies

 We have a range of housing strategies that include care and support, homelessness, empty homes, tenants.

Tenancy fraud

Report tenancy fraud so we can make sure that the people who need these homes get them.

Empty homes

Do you own an empty property? Don't let it go to waste. You can receive rent, sell for a handy lump sum, cut your Council Tax, reduce the risk of squatters or damage.

Disabled facilities grants

Disabled Facilities Grants may be available to disabled people who need essential adaptation work carried out to give them greater freedom of movement in and around their home.

Mobile home and caravan site licence

Find out how to apply for a mobile home and caravan site licence.

Boiler replacement loan scheme

Find out how to repay the Home Energy Loan Scheme if you were offered one to replace a boiler in your home.