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Housing enforcement policy

This section is for landlords and tenants and provides useful information on the way the Council enforces housing legislation and gives details of the work programme of the housing team.

The Council has statutory responsibility for enforcing the minimum housing standards set out in the Housing Act 2004 (and the associated regulations). The aim is to ensure all housing, but particularly rented housing is safe, does not give rise to injury or illness to the occupiers, is warm and energy efficient.

The Council is bound by the Statutory Code of Practice for Regulators made under section 23 of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 which ensures fairness for all those affected by Council enforcement action. In general, landlords can expect to be offered the opportunity to put housing defects right through informal action initially unless it is clear there is a real threat to the heath and safety of occupiers. In such cases emergency action can be taken to carry out essential works.

Landlords can further expect to be offered advice, information and the chance to discuss the works with an officer. This may include possible alternative courses of action which may be acceptable to reach a satisfactory outcome.