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Grass, hedges, shrub and flower bed maintenance, weeds and trees

We maintain parks, playing fields, green spaces, verges and other grassed areas across Bedford Borough.

We also remove weeds and tidy up hedges, shrub and flower beds, and trees.

Grass cutting

Our grass cutting schedule is between March to October, weather permitting.

If you notice grass hasn't been cut for a while, such as on a grass verge or a sports pitch, then please let us know.

We won't take action if the area is already included in the schedule.

Report a grass maintenance problem 

Weed control

Weeds in parks and other green areas are a nuisance. If you spot them, let us know.

We normally use a herbicide applied to weeds. This is a glyphosate mix, controlled and reviewed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). If weeds get too big, they are removed by hand or cut down.

Report a weed problem


Hedges are pruned and reshaped between November and February. This is part of our winter maintenance.

Hedges are also cut back between July and October. This is part of summer maintenance when we use hand held tools to avoid disturbing nesting birds.

If you notice untidy hedges in our parks or public spaces, then please report it.

Report untidy hedges 

GOV.UK's collection of high hedge guidance can help you and your neighbours sort out any hedge problems you might have.

You must take all reasonable steps to resolve a dispute with your neighbour before making a formal complaint to us about a high hedge.

Shrub and flower beds 

Shrub beds are pruned and reshaped between November and February. This is part of our winter maintenance. Shrub beds are then cut back regularly between March and November.

We also manage a number of flower beds where we put in spring and summer bedding plants around October and June each year.

If you see an issue with our shrub and flower beds, then please report it.

Report shrub, rose and flower bed maintenance issue


If you feel a tree is dangerous, call us on 01234 267422 to let us know. We will deal with it as quickly as we can.

We have a tree page that outlines how to deal with problems caused by trees.

You can check if a tree is protected or in a conservation area. 

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