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Safer Streets Fund

Safer Streets 2021-22

Safer Streets is a project funded by the Home Office that has been awarded to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to be delivered in Bedford Borough.
Its focus is to reduce the risk of violence against women and girls, and aims to make Bedford a safer place for everyone that lives, works or visits the identified areas.

The project will be delivered in three key ways:

Improved CCTV & Lighting 

Four areas have been identified through police data and public consultations: 

  • Tavistock Street 
  • Ford End Road 
  • Ampthill Road 
  • River Footpath between Prebend Bridge and Queens Park 

These physical changes will improve the safety of everyone that uses these spaces. 

Crime Prevention & Education 

We will be working together to tackle perpetrators of violence or abuse against women and girls. This can include behaviours like cat-calling, groping or other unwanted contact, that make women and girls feel unsafe.

We will be raising awareness of the how the whole community can work together to reduce the risk of violence against women and girls. 

The Safer Streets team will also be out in the community promoting the personal safety initiatives that have been funded through the project, working with local and national services that can support those who may feel unsafe when out in these areas. 

To find out about events in the area, you can follow the team on twitter.

Creating a Safe Space to Support the Community

The project will look to set up a Safer Streets Hub in the Town Centre that can offer easy access to support services. The hub can be utilised by local partners and community groups to build confidence and develop future projects. 

Key Partners working on the project

CrimeStoppers – An independent charity that gives people the power to speak up and stop crime 100% anonymously.
Call: 0800 555 111

Hollie Guard – A personal Safety app that you can download onto your phone for free, allowing you to notify your chosen contact if you need support.

Bedfordshire Victim Care Services – Supporting those affected by crime in Bedfordshire.
Call: 0800 0282 887

Project Firefly – Bedfordshire Police are working to tackle the perpetrators of violence or abuse against women and girls.

If you have any questions about this year’s project, please email

Safer Streets 2020-21

The Safer Streets project is funded by the Home Office and aims to reduce crime and make the local area safer for you, your family and your neighbours.

The Safer Streets project in Bedford covers Midland Road and surrounding areas. The streets included are:

  • Alexandra Place
  • Alexandra Road
  • Ashburnham Road
  • Battison Street
  • Brereton Road
  • Church Street
  • Conduit Road
  • Costin Street
  • Gibbons Road
  • Grafton Road
  • Heron Quay
  • Maitland Street
  • Midland Road
  • Prebend Street
  • Priory Street
  • Poulter Close
  • Rutland Road
  • Sovereigns Quay
  • The Avenue
  • Western Street
  • Woburn Road

The Bedford Borough Community Safety Partnership have developed a plan to reduce crime. The Midland Road area, Safer Streets Project will deliver that plan in three ways.


We are upgrading the CCTV in the Midland Road area to Smart Cameras. The new cameras will be able to see better, and will look for behaviour that might show criminal activity. The new system does not use facial recognition but looks at shape and movement in public spaces. It will protect your privacy in the home. 

Improving home security

We have been working with local resident to improve their home security

Over the last 6 months we have

  • Completed 360 surveys with local residents
  • Registered over 300 SmartWater kits to reduce the risk of burglary
  • Completed over 100 home security checks to fit new locks and lights
  • Referred 40 homes for new Smoke Alarms to reduce the risk of fire

If you have any questions, please email