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All dogs are required by law to be microchipped and their ownership details kept in an approved database.

This includes puppies who must be microchipped before you take them with you as the new owner.

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and the procedure is harmless and takes only a few minutes.

It’s the most effective way of permanently identifying a pet to ensure its safe return. 

When a missing pet is found, a vet or dog warden will scan the pet revealing the microchip’s unique 15 digit code, enabling the owner to be located. 

Any owner who fails to get their dog microchipped or keep their registered details up to date, could receive a fine of up to £500. 

Where can I get my dog microchipped?

Most veterinary practices provide a microchipping service for a charge. 

What should I do after my dog is  microchipped?  

Once your dog is microchipped you should register the chip with one of the companies that operate a microchip database and make sure that the information is kept up to date for example if you move house or someone else takes on the ownership of the dog.