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We promote responsible dog ownership in Bedford Borough and offer advice and guidance around keeping dogs as pets. 

Dog control orders

We have dog control orders to reduce complaints about dogs and to allow the public access to dog-free areas for recreational purposes to improve health and well-being. 

The four dog control orders are for the following offences:

  • not cleaning up after their dog's mess
  • allowing a dog into an area where they have been excluded, for example children's play areas and sports pitches
  • not keeping a dog on a lead 
  • not keeping a dog on a lead as ordered by a Council Officer

We issue a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75 in the first instance to those caught not complying with a dog control order.

Report someone who has breached an order

Please contact us if someone breaches a dog control order. 

You should make a note of what you saw, with as much detail as you can, including the date, time, and place.

Report dog control order breach Report a breach of dog control orders on or call 01234 718100.