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Overview and Scrutiny

The remit of Overview and Scrutiny is to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability in local government.

The Local Government Act 2000 introduced major changes to the way Councils make decisions. This Act requires Councils to implement new political structures which involved two distinct roles; Executive and Overview and Scrutiny. An Executive is responsible for taking key decisions about services. To balance the Executive's powers, Overview and Scrutiny Committees are responsible for holding the Executive to account and making sure the best decisions are taken for Bedford Borough. They also contribute to policy review and development.

The aim of Overview and Scrutiny at Bedford Borough Council is to ensure that the best services are delivered to local people in line with our agreed vision for the Borough. At Bedford this is done by:

  • Looking at the decisions of the Executive, and where necessary questioning decisions taken or decisions to be taken;
  • Carrying out issue-based policy reviews investigating a particular service or local issue and making recommendations to the Executive and/or the Council;
  • Contributing to the Council's major policy documents;
  • Scrutinising Council budgets;
  • Looking at the Council's performance information, such as performance indicators and results of public opinion surveys.

If you would like any further information about Overview and Scrutiny at Bedford Borough Council, please contact:

Democratic and Registration Services

Bedford Borough Council

Borough Hall

Cauldwell Street

Bedford MK42 9AP