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Overview and Scrutiny Committees’ Work Programme Consultation

What we are consulting on

Bedford Borough Council has five Committees that review and investigate issues that matter to local people and local communities, as well as reviewing the Council’s own decisions and policies. These Committees are called ‘Overview and Scrutiny’ Committees and are made up of elected councillors who are not on the Council’s Executive.

They have a role not only in looking at Council services but also health and community safety. Each Committee specialises in one particular area, Children’s Services, Environmental Services and Community Safety, Adult Services, Health, and Budget Corporate Services.

We would like your help to develop next year’s agendas. What do you think that the Committees should look at?

Here are some examples from this year of what the Committees have considered:

  • Social Care Performance and Bedford Borough’s Local Offer
  • Local Community Care Co-ordinators
  • Hydrotherapy Services
  • Single Use Plastics
  • Bedford Business Improvement District

The majority of these items were suggested through the consultation process last year.

How to Have Your Say

We look forward to hearing from you by 31 March 2020.

You can contact us by phone on 01234 228905.

Or email us at

Or write to us at:

The Democratic Services Team
Room 323
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
Bedford MK42 9AP

Please note that the Overview and Scrutiny Committees do not deal with individual queries or complaints, such as individual planning applications or Housing Benefit claims. Any such queries should be addressed to the relevant department. 

What happens next?

A wide range of individuals and organisations are being consulted in this process. The replies will be used by the Committees to draw up their Annual Work Programmes to reflect local priorities. Your views really can make a difference.

Data Protection

Under new Data Protection regulations (GDPR) we need to inform you of the reasons why we are capturing your data and what we will do with your data.

Any personal data collected and/or processed under this policy/procedure will be dealt with in accordance with Data Protection Legislation and our Data Protection Policy. Data is held securely and accessed by, and disclosed to, only individuals where relevant to this policy/procedure.

View our current Privacy Notices for more information.