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Greyfriars consultation

Bedford Borough Council’s emerging Local Plan 2040 is currently being consulted on and includes the Greyfriars area as an opportunity for regeneration and the development of new homes.

The Council and bpha are able to use their own land and buildings to stimulate regeneration of key town centre locations and build high quality urban neighbourhoods.

In building new homes and replacing existing ones, bpha and the Council will want to take a long-term view by providing homes that fit well into the neighbourhood, are of high quality, are environmentally sustainable and will stand the test of time.

Ideas could include:

  • the creation of new homes and a greater mix of types of homes
  • the creation of  homes that are of high-quality and are environmentally sustainable
  • improving the attractiveness and security of the area
  • providing better outdoor space, facilities and improved landscaped areas

No decisions have been made about the future of the existing buildings and we need your help to find out what the area could become in the future.

The Planning process will take several years and there will be a number of  stages to go through before anything happens at Greyfriars. At each stage we will talk to you again and ask for your views.

The first consultation is now open and you can complete an online survey below:

Greyfriars consultation online survey