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Fair Cost of Care consultation

Bedford Borough Council is seeking views from its care home providers for people aged 65+ and home care providers for people aged 18+ to support the National Fair Cost of Care exercise.

In September, the government confirmed it will be providing funding to support local authorities' move toward paying providers a fair rate of care.

In order to access future funding local authorities are required to meet the conditions below:

  1. Conduct a cost of care exercise to determine sustainable rates and identify how close they are to them.
  2. Engage with local providers to improve data on operational costs and the number of self-funders to better understand the impact of reform on the local market (particularly the 65+ residential care market, but also additional pressures on 18+ domiciliary care).

For more information, you can view the Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund 2022 to 2023 here. This guidance was published by the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) on 16 December 2021.

How to have your say

This is your opportunity to influence the cost of care in Bedford Borough Council. Your participation is essential to enable the Council to reflect an accurate picture of the local care costs.

This online survey is designed to enable the provision of supplementary information to that already provided via the cost of care tools available to 65+ care homes and 18+ home care providers.

The survey can be completed by any 65+ care home or 18+ home care provider, regardless of whether they have completed the cost of care tool.

Please select and complete the relevant online response form:

Care home provider online response form

Home care provider online response form 

What happens next

Bedford Borough Council is formally inviting all 18+ home care, including extra care providers and 65+ care home providers in Bedford Borough to complete the relevant survey.

Bedford Borough Council would be very grateful if you could submit your survey by Monday 15 August 2022.