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Budget 2020 Consultation

What we are consulting on

Despite already achieving savings in excess of £104 million Bedford Borough Council needs to identify further savings of more than £18 million by 2025. With reduced central government funding and a rise in demand for our services we face difficult times and some very tough decisions.

We have committed an additional £13 million to provide the Adult Social Care services our residents need including increased early intervention, preventative and reablement services. This is an area where we have increased demand from an ageing population with ever more complex needs.

In 2016 the Council agreed a four-year ‘Efficiency Plan’ which built on the many savings proposals we have implemented over a number of years. We have developed a new Plan to help us tackle the funding pressures over the period 2021-2025. This new Plan identifies five key themes where we plan to make further savings:

  • Digital - We introduced a new ‘operating model’ in 2017 and we expect to complete phase 1 of this project in 2021. The second phase will look to explore further opportunities from this initial investment in technology, our online systems for residents and improvements in our internal processes. Taken together these two phases are expected to achieve a saving of £7.0 million;
  • Procurement - Further savings from better procurement and contract management are expected to contribute £2.0 million;
  • Reviewing - From in-depth reviews of all of our budgets we expect to save £4.0 million;
  • Commercial - Increased commercial activity and better return from income generation activities will deliver £1.2 million;
  • Service change - We have also developed a range of service change ideas which are expected to save £4.1 million.

We are always interested in our residents’ views on our budgets and areas we might look at to save money or increase revenue.

You can read the proposed efficiency plan here.

How to Have Your Say

This consultation has now closed. 

What Happens Next

Responses to the consultation will be considered by the Council’s Executive as part of the budget setting process at its meeting on 22 January 2020.

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