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Budget 2019 Consultation

The Council’s Executive is considering an increase in core Council Tax of 1.49% supplemented by a 1% Adult Social Care Precept, totalling 2.49% giving an average Band D Council Tax of £1,507.51.

The Council’s proposed revenue budget for 2019/20 can be viewed here

Despite already achieving savings of £99 million Bedford Borough Council needs to identify further savings of nearly £21 million by 2024. Central government cuts and a rise in demand for some of our services means we face difficult times and some very tough decisions.

In 2016 the Council agreed an ‘Efficiency Plan’ which built on the many savings proposals we have implemented over a number of years.

This Plan identified three key areas where we planned to make further savings:

  • Our new digital operating model was expected to save £10.3 million by offering more of our services in a digital way which would allow changes to our internal processes and ways of working.
  • Savings proposals suggested by Council service areas were expected to save a further £9.6 million.
  • Buying goods and services better, renegotiating many of our contracts and other changes to how we finance Council services was expected to save a further £4 million.

We are still on track to deliver these savings, however despite introducing these measures we still have
 ongoing pressures on a number of services including Adult Social Care. This is an area where we have increased pressures from an ageing population with ever more complex needs.

In addition to making the savings described earlier we have committed an additional £11 million to providing the Adult Social Care services our residents need including increased early intervention, preventative and reablement services.

Consultation closed

This consultation has now closed. 

What happens next?

Responses to the consultation were considered by the Full Council as part of its Budget Setting Process at its meeting of 6 February 2019.