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Equality objectives 2016-2020

The public sector equality duty requires Bedford Borough Council to develop and publish equality objectives. We support this because we believe the way to make a real difference is to ensure that equalities is a part of everything we do. We do not have a separate equality strategy. Instead our statutory equality objectives are part of our key strategic document, the Corporate Plan 2016-2020.

We have identified five equality objectives that it will be focusing on for 2016-2020, each with a set of actions that we will take to help support delivery of the Council's priorities. We think the objectives are proportionate. They have been developed to help make improvements in understanding our local communities, delivering services and how we allocate resources and our role as a key employer in the Borough.

Community mapping

Develop an improved level of understanding of Bedford Borough's diverse communities and their needs through research, data gathering and equality mapping.

Community engagement

Improve community engagement and secure its role in the development and delivery of services.

Serving residents effectively

Delivery of accessible services that respond appropriately to different needs and customer feedback.

Workforce development

Improve workforce data and address barriers to employment for equality groups underrepresented in the workforce.

Organisational values

To develop the culture of the Council so all employees are able to demonstrate commitment to the principles of equality in carrying out their roles, both in the workplace and in the delivery of services.