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Why Bedford Borough?

Think of your business. Now think of the future. Do you have the ingredients to build, grow and create lasting profitability? We do.

In Bedford, we passionately believe that the future is being created right here. Yes, we have some fantastic natural advantages like our central location and proximity to London, Cambridge and Milton Keynes. And yes, we have the right mix of people and property that create a cost-effective solution. But more than this, we have the ability to be at the forefront of new developments across all sectors.

  • In health and well-being, we’re creating foods of the future and new medical devices.
  • In transport, we’re testing new forms of air, road and rail travel and revolutionising safety.
  • In management, we’re training the world to be better leaders and effective executives.
  • In education, we’re breaking down boundaries and reaching out internationally.
  • In Bedford, we’re creating the future.

Many world-class companies are already based here, like Unilever, 3M and Fujifilm. Many more will come in the future, all using the Bedford area’s resources to maintain their competitive edge and to push the boundaries of their respective industries.

The National Infrastructure Commission published 2016 report into the Cambridge – Bedford – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor identified key major projects to support including East West Rail and Continuous Road Expressway between the locations, enabling Bedford with the already operational A421 component ready to realise its growth potential with the opportunity to unlock significant sites for residential and business development.

The key transport infrastructure will enable Bedford at the corridors centre of a vision as the UK's Silicon Valley to benefit from high-value business and academia clusters while offering cost-effective residential and commercial comparable prices with shorter, uncongested connectivity.

"Invest in Bedford, the first point of call for retail, industrial, office and land property options. The perfect setting for access to M1, A1 and London just 40 minutes away."