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Healthier Options scheme

Join our Healthier Options scheme to encourage more customers to visit you and to eat healthier.

Healthier Options awards

We wanted to ensure we’re leading the way with healthier options in our premises and are pleased to announce that the following venues are the first to receive the Healthier Options award. They are:

  • The Bunyan Centre – Bickels Yard
  • Priory Country Park - Coverdale Retreat Cafe  
  • Riobello
  • Robinson Pool – Bickels Yard
  • Bedford Borough Council
  • Bedford Hospital Trust – The Swannery
  • Bedford Hospital Trust – Le Bistro
  • Jaffa Orchard 

About our Healthier Options scheme

The aim of the programme is to help local small and medium-sized businesses across Bedfordshire to make healthier changes to their menu and food preparation. Participating food outlets will be supported by the Healthier Options team to offer their customers healthier choices.

Read our Healthier Options leaflet

What to expect when joining

Meet with your local food officer to make a Healthier Options pledge. This could include:

  • introducing healthier options into your menu
  • reducing the amount of fat, sugar and salt you use in your cooking
  • promoting healthier drinks in your chiller        

Once you’ve agreed your pledge, we’ll help you achieve it within three months. There’s no problem with achieving earlier – the sooner they’re in place, the sooner we can welcome you on board.

The Healthier Options team have put together some of our top tips that businesses can use to design and create their pledge. See below for our Tip Sheets.

What's in it for you?

By becoming a member of our Healthier Options scheme in Bedfordshire, we’re confident you’ll:

  • attract new customers – as a Healthier Options business, you’ll attract more health conscious customers
  • promote good health – you’ll be empowering your existing customers to adopt a more healthy lifestyle

It’s free to join – you’ve got customers to gain and nothing to lose. We’ll support you all the way and it won’t cost you a penny. You’ll even be given free promotional merchandise for your business.

How to join Healthy Options

We look forward to working with you and hope you’ll be proud to receive your certificate and window sticker to confirm that you’re an official Healthier Options business, and that you’re committed to making a real contribution towards healthier lifestyles.  

Send us an email and we’ll be in touch.

Top tips for food businesses