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Civil Partnership conversion

Couples who have formed a Civil Partnership have the option to convert this to a Marriage.


The fee for a conversion is currently £45. A marriage certificate may be purchased after the conversion has been completed. Certificates are £11 per copy, and will show the date of marriage as the original Civil Partnership date. The Registrar can talk you through the process when you call to book, alternatively you can email us for more information (contact details below).

Documents needed

You will be required to produce original documents that show your details including:

  • names 
  • date of birth 
  • addresses
  • your existing Civil Partnership certificate.

Conversion process

The conversion process is purely administrative and no guests or witnesses are required as no ceremony involved, however if you wish to invite guests or witnesses we also offer celebratory ceremonies which are available at an additional cost. Any couple, regardless of how long they have been in a Civil Partnership may choose to celebrate their conversion.

A celebratory ceremony can provide you with a unique opportunity to re-affirm and celebrate your relationship and typically will include vows and re-dedication or giving of new rings. As the ceremony has no legal status it can be highly personalised ensuring that it is unique and meaningful for each couple.

Contact the Civil Registration team