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Listed are the cremation fees for 2019


Person exceeding 16 years of age at time of death £699.80

Environmental surcharge £63.90

Provision of an organist for service £30

Non-viable foetus (inclusive of dispersal fee) £21.30

A child not exceeding 16 years of age at the time of death, including stillborn babies £0

Ashes held on temporary deposit (after the first month) per month or part thereof £127.90

Certificate of cremation £14

Dispersal of ashes in Garden of Remembrance (Norse Road) or in a grave (Norse Road or Foster Hill Road) £59.50

Witnessed dispersal of ashes in Garden of Remembrance (Norse Road) or Woodland Tree Belt (Norse Road) or in grave (Norse Road or Foster Hill Road) £121.20

Sale of urns (incl VAT) £50.40

Sale of eco friendly urns (for burial) (incl VAT) £77.50

Book of Remembrance

Two lines (minimum entry) (incl VAT) £78.80

Additional lines (incl VAT) - per line £41.40

Miniature flowers (incl VAT) £119.40

Badges, Coats of Arms etc (incl VAT) £166.10

Memorial cards

Two lines (minimum entry) (incl VAT) £50.40

Additional lines (incl VAT) - per line £20.20

Miniature flowers (incl VAT) £96.10

Badges, coats of arms etc (incl VAT) £148.90

Memorial wall plaques

Barbican wall plaque (single) £381.70

Additional inscription to wall plaque (incl VAT) £88

Gilded rose £126.50

Photo plaque £154.80

Use of chapel

For service before burial at Norse Road or Foster Hill Road £270.90

The above fees are payable to Bedford Borough Council