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Norse Road Cemetery

 We offer various kinds of headstones, with different type of stone, and even glass for either, Garden Burial Plots, children’s graves or adult graves. 

You can purchase a headstone from Bereavement Services by completing the application form and sending it to the office. Our agent will then make contact with you to arrange a suitable day or night and time for him/her to come and visit you at home and talk to you about all the various types we sell.

We offer a wide range of memorials in the Garden of Remembrance at Norse Road.

The Garden is divided into the four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The planting in each area is designed to be at its best during that season. Cremated remains are dispersed in the borders of each seasonal garden. Each garden area has its own type of memorial which families can purchase for their loved ones.

Find out more about the memorial options for Norse Road Cemetery (Word).

Please refer to our fees list for all memorials, dispersals and interments fees.

The Spring Garden

The memorials available in the Spring Garden are wall plaques. These can be either single or double black granite plaques. They are inscribed with gold lettering and are placed on the wall facing the pond. 

Single wall plaque application form (PDF) 

Single wall plaques take a maximum of 4 lines of inscription (25 characters per line) 

Double wall plaque application form (PDF) 

Double wall plaques can take a maximum of 8 lines, usually, the lower half of the plaque is left blank to allow for further inscriptions. 

Additional inscription application form (PDF) 

Additional inscriptions are charged at an additional fee   

We can also provide at an extra cost a gilded rose on either side of the plaque and further designs are available on request. 

The Summer Garden

Memorials for the Summer Garden are Cast Bronze Rose Plaques. The plaque is on a stake and can be placed, by the family, in the ground beside an existing rose planted in the Summer Garden, or a favourite spot around the gardens

The dedication is for 15 years.

Apply for a rose plaque.

The Autumn Garden

The memorials in the Autumn Garden are kerb plaques, which have a sandstone base with a black granite plaque which can have  up to six lines of inscription. The inscription is in gold and the kerb has a small flower holder on top. You could also choose to have a photo plaque or inscribed picture, such as a rose, on the plaque 

A single plaque takes a maximum inscription of 6 lines with 18 characters. At an extra cost a gilded rose can also be inscribed directly onto the plaque. You can also reserve a space next to an existing plaque

Apply for a kerb plaque.

The Winter Garden

The Winter Garden was the first garden to be established when the cemetery was opened in 1987. In 2010 Bereavement Services introduced a new memorial. The memorial is called a vase block and tablet and the blocks are grey granite with a black granite plaque and silver inscription. 

The price includes the inscription up to a maximum of 6 lines with 18 characters. There is also a silver container to hold a full bunch of flowers. You can also reserve a space next to an existing tablet.

Dedicated area for babies

Norse Road Garden of Remembrance also has a dedicated area for baby memorials which are situated on the far side of the gardens near the sanctums.

There are three styles of plaques to choose from:

These plaques are on a lease for 15 years.

Woodland and meadow area

Norse Road Cemetery also has a woodland/meadow dispersal area, which is situated behind the Crematorium. Cremated remains can be dispersed in the tree belt of this area or the tree belt around the Garden of Remembrance and either a wooden or cast bronze tree plaque can be purchased to dedicate the tree near where the cremated remains were dispersed.

You can apply for a:

Burials of cremated remains

The Garden of Remembrance also offers four different types of burials for cremated remains.

Columbaria garden vaults

These are vaults which are situated on a wall overlooking the Spring Garden in the Garden of Remembrance with a lease period of 40 years. Each vault can accommodate two urns and has a granite cover, which can be inscribed with gold lettering. There is room for up to seven lines of inscription, with a maximum of 25 characters per line. The bottom half of the vault cover can be left blank to enable a future inscription.

The fee for the vault includes the first interment. There are further charges for additional inscriptions and a second interment into the vault. This fee can be given upon request. Apply for:

Garden burial plots

These are burial plots which are situated behind the administrative building adjacent to the Garden of Remembrance. Each plot can accommodate up to three wooden caskets or bio-degradable urns (available at Norse Road) and are for the interment of cremated remains. 

A memorial may be placed on the plot providing the size is to the scale of the plot. Until the memorial is erected a wooden cross with a plaque is provided by us and placed on the plot. The cost of the garden burial plot includes the first interment and Exclusive Right of Burial for 75 years.

Sanctum 2000

The Sanctum 2000 is a free-standing vault, with a black granite cover inscribed with gold lettering. Families can choose to have ornamentation on the cover such as a photo plaques or inscribed pictures at an extra cost.

They can accommodate two sets of cremated remains which must be in a polycontainer which is then placed into a red velvet bag. The cost of each Sanctum includes 80 letters, the first interment and the Exclusive Right of Burial for 75 years. Further charges will be incurred with the second interment and additional inscription.

The sanctums are located along the far side of the Garden of Remembrance at Norse Road and also in Foster Hill Road Cemetery.

Omega Niche (garden vaults)

The Omega Niche is a family vault and can accommodate up to 5 sets of cremated remains. They are situated in the Spring Garden overlooking the pond. Pictures such as flowers can be inscribed directly onto the cover. 

The price of the Niche includes the first interment, first inscription and lease of 40 Years.

Interments and dispersals of cremated remains

If you wish to have your loved ones' cremated remains placed loosely into any of the above gardens or a family grave, you will need to complete an application form, which will give us permission to disperse the ashes. The applicant for the cremation is the only person that can complete this form. Families can choose to be present if they wish.

If you choose to have a burial of ashes into either one of the vaults in our gardens or a family grave you will need to complete an Interment form.  

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