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The area of the Cemetery at Norse Road is approximately eight hectares. It is laid out in sections which are bounded by either drives or footpaths. The main section where the majority of burials take place is in the centre of the site. A "lawn section" method of maintenance is enforced, i.e. graves are marked by back to back headstones leaving room for mechanical mowing of grass between memorials.

Before a headstone can be erected onto a grave at Norse Road Cemetery, the exclusive rights of burial must be purchased. 

Adult Exclusive Rights of Burial Application form (Word, 36KB)

Child Exclusive Rights of Burial Application form (Word, 36KB)

Denominational areas

The main central section is a multi denominational area. People of all beliefs are buried side by side. There is a Muslim area which is set aside for the use of the Muslim community. There is also a separate infants section where small graves are provided. Again, this is a multi denominational section.

Mausoleums and burial chambers

There are also a number of new and innovative types of burial systems now available at Norse Road. Mausoleums are provided for the interment of individuals above ground, with a plaque at the end of the chamber. This is a particularly common way of interring individuals throughout Europe, particularly those of southern Europe.

We also provide concrete Burial Chambers which are similar to a normal interment, except that the grave is lined by the chamber and part of it is above the ground, where a number of memorial options are available. Norse Road Cemetery has developed a new section with various above ground chambers now available such as Mausoleums, Side Loading Mausoleums and Burial Chambers.

If you are interested in purchasing/reserving a mausoleum or burial chamber, please choose from:

To complement the wide variety of interment options, we also have a Woodland Burial section.

Site map

Download the map of Norse Road Cemetery (PDF) to locate the various sections. 

Conducted tours

Staff at the site are always ready to give conducted tours of the Crematorium and Cemetery. These tours can be for organisations or individuals.

We are committed to explain about all aspects of the Cemetery and Crematorium in order for people to make informed decisions, in particular about the types of funeral and commemoration they want after their own death.

Simply telephone the Cemetery Office on (01234) 718150 or email to make an appointment.

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