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Payday loan alternatives

You may have been trying to access a payday loans website and have been redirected to this page by Bedford Borough Council. 

This has been done because the Council is aware that payday lenders, although offering a quick source of cash, can often cause greater financial problems.

Stop! Consider your options

If you need to borrow money and you are thinking of getting a payday loan, stop and consider your options...

Most people take a payday loan because they struggle to get credit elsewhere. Although easy to setup, payday loans can be a very expensive way to borrow money and you may want to consider the alternatives.

If you’re already struggling to manage your finances, then taking out payday loans will only make this problem worse. The only long-term solution is to get impartial debt help and a practical debt solution.

Debt counselling

Getting into debt is all too easy, but debt can cause immense problems in personal and family life. The organisations listed on our debt counselling page specialise in helping people deal with this.

Debt Danger Signs Test

Do money worries keep you awake at night? If they do, StepChange Debt Charity wants you to know you’re not alone and free help is available. 

The charity is the UK’s leading provider of free and impartial debt advice. Check to see if you’ve got a debt problem and take their free Debt Danger Signs Test.