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Local Welfare Provision

At the end of March 2013, Crisis Grants and Community Support Grants were abolished as part of the government's Welfare Reform. Bedford Borough Council introduced a new Local Welfare Provision Policy from April 2013.

The new scheme provides the most vulnerable residents with assistance in the form of crisis grants and community support grants for essential household items (subject to funds being available).

There are two elements:

Crisis Grants

Crisis Grants are designed to meet expenses that cannot be met from another source and that have arisen as a consequence of a disaster. Assistance will be considered where the applicant lives in Bedford and receives benefits to cover:

  • An immediate and serious risk to the health or the safety of the applicant, their partner or a dependant child (including foster child) where the risk has arisen as the result of a crisis, emergency or disaster.

A disaster is an unforeseen event of great or sudden misfortune, such as a fire. Crisis Grants should not be seen as a means of managing the pressures of being on a low income.

Home in the Community Grants

Home in the Community Grants are intended to help vulnerable people live as independent a life as possible in the community. Grants can be considered where the applicant lives in Bedford, receives means tested benefits and the request is for a family experiencing exceptional pressure.

Help can also be considered for applicants moving into independent living.

Download the Home in the Community Grant Application form (PDF)

Home in the Community Grants are awarded for very basic items for those experiencing genuine need.

For more information please call 01234 718033.

Bedford Borough's Local Welfare Provision Policy

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