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Information for landlords

What can a landlord expect of this Council?

We will

  • Pay Housing Benefit promptly, normally within 14 days of receiving all the information needed to process a claim.
  • Make payments four-weekly while a tenant is entitled to benefit.
  • Advise the landlord if the tenant has asked for payments to the landlord to stop.
  • Only discuss a tenant's benefit entitlement with the landlord if the tenant has given permission.
  • Notify a landlord promptly if there is an overpayment of benefit.

What does the Council need from the landlord?

  • Accurate information about the tenancy details including the start date, rent charged and any services provided.
  • Prompt information regarding tenants moving out.
  • Recognition by the landlord that the tenancy agreement is with the tenant. If there are difficulties with payment of rent, the landlord's first point of contact is the tenant.
  • Prompt repayment of overpaid Housing Benefit.
  • Liaison with the Benefits office prior to instigating any court/eviction proceedings.