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Alderman Newton's Educational Foundation (Bedford)

Minimum age for applicants is 13 years, upper age limit 25 years

Alderman Newton’s Educational Foundation is one of several charities established in various towns by Alderman Gabriel Newton of Leicester by a deed dated 15 March 1760. 

The Foundation has an annual income which is normally allocated on request throughout the year. No cash grants are made. 

A successful applicant will be advised of the amount of grant and will be reimbursed up to this amount after producing receipts for the books/equipment/materials etc. specified in the application. 

At this stage, applicants will be required to produce with their application written confirmation from their university, or other educational establishment, that they have commenced the course and an indication as to whether or not the items any applicants wish to finance with a grant are essential to their studies or desirable. Applicants will also be required to provide evidence of income.

Purpose of assistance or grants

Grants by the Charity can be given for the purposes set out in the Charity’s scheme, which provides for grants for:

  • financial assistance, outfits, special clothing needed in connection with a course, tools, instruments or books to enable beneficiaries on leaving school, university or any other educational establishment to prepare for, or to assist their entry into employment
  • otherwise promoting the education (including social and physical training) of beneficiaries. Under this heading the Trustees will consider assisting with expenses connected with staying on at school or which have to be met as part of a course at university etc.

Grant amount

The amount of grant available would normally have an upper limit of £500. In exceptional circumstances the grant may increase to £750, but grants over £750 would not be supported. Travel expenses to and from school would not normally be supported.



Grants must be given for the benefit of young people who are in need of financial assistance. Applicants should be under the age of 25 years when applying to the Foundation and have normally completed their course by their 25th birthday. The minimum age limit is normally 13 years.

Place of residence

The usual place of residence of applicants must be the Borough of Bedford. Trustees normally expect that applicants will have been resident in the Borough for at least three years.


The Trustees award grants according to the candidate meeting the requirements of age and residency as above. The income of the applicant and/or parents/guardians is also taken into consideration when awarding grants.

Application form

Guidance notes are available to download (PDF)

Download an application form (PDF)

Get in contact with Committee Services:

Tel: 01234 228193

Committee Services
Bedford Borough Council
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Cauldwell Street
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