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Transport Policy

Local Transport Plan

On 1st April 2011, Bedford’s first Local Transport Plan (LTP3) replaced LTP2 (2006-2011) which covered the whole county*.  

We worked with stakeholders and the public during the previous twelve months to develop LTP3, which will run until 2021. It sets out the long term transport strategy and contains an implementation plan which is designed to tackle the Borough's transport problems. LTP3 was approved by the full council on the 23rd of February 2011 and came in to effect on the 1st of April 2011, as the Council's  transport policy. The full LTP can be viewed by clicking here (opens in a new window).


LTP3's eight key supporting strategies can be viewed by clicking on the links below (which will open in new windows)

Active Travel Strategy

Freight Strategy

Network Management Strategy

Parking Strategy

Passenger Transport Strategy

Road Safety Strategy

Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (to school)

Transport Asset Management Plan


As LTP3 will run until 2021, we will need to review and adapt it on a regular basis, to ensure that it continues to address relevant issues and change. A key aspect of the Plans's development has been working with partners and stakeholders and we will continue to involve them in its further development and in the implementation plan. We will also continue to consult and engage the public.


We have undertaken a number of consultation exercises and stakeholder participation events and we will now consolidate all feedback into a report which will be published here shortly.


* LTP 2 can be viewed by clicking the following link LTP2 (opens in a new window).


Local Sustainable Transport Fund

Access to Stations

In July 2012, Bedford Borough Council was awarded grant funding from the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund. The project is titled “Access to Stations” and is aimed at improving cycling and pedestrian links to Bedford’s two railway stations. We are working with seven other local authorities around the Country and Sustrans, the national cycling charity, covering 21 stations in all.


The overall project fund is almost £5 million over three years with £665,000 allocated to Bedford. The intention is to focus on physical improvements to help rail commuters choose walking and cycling as their preferred travel mode to and from the railway station. The way the funding is administered means that we will be able to support physical improvements with publicity and targeted information.


Public health issues are becoming more prevalent and the high financial costs of motoring present a challenge to many people. We relish the opportunity to provide people with real choices about how to travel to the railway station in a sustainable way.

A copy of the bid document can be found here (opens in a new window)


Update March 2014:

An additional bid has been submitted to extend funding of the Access to Stations project to March 2016.  The bid document can be found here (opens a new window)


Traffic Data Report

The Transport Policy team undertakes a number of traffic monitoring programmes, which enable us to both plan future improvements to travel in Bedford and to monitor the effectiveness of the improvements we have made in the past. The following document reports the results of some of those monitoring programmes, and shows how traffic levels vary in Bedford by location and time.

Traffic Data Report 2012


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