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Dog Control Orders

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO)


Bedford Borough Council has consulted with its citizens and stakeholders of the Borough for their views on introducing a single order relating to dogs in the borough - aiming to create a more consistent approach in the borough and balance the needs of dog owners and other members of the community.

Section 59 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 enables the Council to bring in a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) under new powers introduced by Government.


The council would like to thank all those who took part in the consultation which is now closed. A report was taken to the Council’s Executive on 15 June 2016. The report including the consultation responses received can be accessed here.


Variation to 2016 Order

Bedford Borough Council has consulted with its citizens and stakeholders of the Borough for their views on the removal of the discounted period for Fixed Penalty notices issued under the Public Space Protection Order only (Dog Control Order and Cycling Town Centre).  On the 07th March 2018 the Council’s Executive passed a report to remove the discount period for all offences detailed under the order. The present variation of the 2016 order comes into force on 20th April 2018 for the period from 20th April 2018 to 15th May 2019.


The draft order can be viewed here.


Why is Bedford using PSPO for Dog Control?

The council believes these proposed changes will benefit local communities, neighbourhoods, and the local economy, as they will help in the creation and maintenance of clean, safe and healthy neighbourhoods, town centres and visitor destinations.


How can a PSPO in relation to Dog Control benefit me?

The Council aims to promote responsible dog ownership and reduce complaints for dog issues such as dog fouling. This allows the public and especially children access to dog-free or dog-controlled areas intended for recreational purposes to improve health and well-being, making Bedford a safe and enjoyable place to live. The Council intends to reduce and tackle issues relating to dogs running loose and causing a nuisance to others, and also to reduce the potential health implications associated with dog faeces. 


The PSPO covers four key areas:

             Dogs exclusion signDogs on lead signdogs as directed signdog fouling sign

The Dogs Exclusion Order: The effect of the Order is to make it an offence for a person in charge of a dog to permit the dog to enter or remain on any land to which this Order applies.

The Dogs On Leads Order: The effect of the Order is to make it an offence for a person in charge of a dog to fail to ensure that a dog is kept on a lead on any land to which the Order applies. 

The Dogs On Leads by Direction Order: The effect of the Order is to make it an offence for a person in charge of a dog to fail to put that dog on a lead under the direction of an authorised officer on any land to which the Order applies.

The Fouling of Land by Dogs Order: The effect of this Order is to make it an offence for a person in charge of a dog to fail to remove faeces forthwith from any land to which the Order applies.


What should I look for?

The PSPO Dog Control signs can be found in many locations around the borough, especially frequently used public spaces such as the town centre, cemetery’s and local parks & playgrounds. Each sign is colour coded for the specific Dog Control and will usually be located near entrances or exits so members of the public can view them easily.


The Dog Control Order Schedule can be accessed here.


The areas covered by the PSPO are detailed in the ward links below:

All areas are subject to regular reviews based on any evidence and information collated whilst in force.



Francis Grove Close

Tyne Crescent

Owls Park, Ashmead Road

Tydeman Close

Crispin Drive

Bromham & Biddenham

Browning & Howkin Close

Chestnut Avenue

Molivers Lane

Pavilion Sports Field and Grounds, Biddenham


Holt Row

Priory Greyfriars

Russell Park

Sovereign’s Quay

Town Centre


Althorpe Str & St Leonard’s

Dorsey Drive

Faraday Square

Moor Lane & Mowbray Road

Offa Road


Clapham Play Areas

King George Field




De Parys

Foster Hill Rd & Bedford Pk



Beauvais Square Play Area

Chamberlain Way Play Area





Miller Road

Titchfield Drive & Whitby Way




Birse Green & Ettrick Drive

Downside Play Area

Goldington Green

Milburn Road & Saxon Grange


Joyce Close Play Area

Fiona Way Play Area

Primrose Fields Play Area

Primrose Field Play Area (Area 3)

Markham Close Play Area

Great Barford

Norse Rd, Asgard Dr, Tolkien Cl & Embla Cl

Village Green

Norse Road Cemetery

Playing Field

Dothans, Pyms & Willoughby Close

Grenadier Close


Clapham Road


Harrold Odell Country Park

Kempston Central & East

Malakand Road

Redwald Close & The Pitts

St Johns

Kempston North

Hillgrounds Road & Addison Howard Park

Kempston Rural

Great Portway & Little Portway Great Denham

High Road & Oak Croft

Greenkeepers Road, Play Area, Great Denham

Greenkeepers Road, Play area near River, Great Denham

Watford Grove, Play Area

Forvargue Mead, Play Area

Recreational Ground, Play Area, Turvey

Priory Close, Play Area, Turvey

Wood End Road, Play Area

Kempston South

Lovat Walk, Beech Walk, The Almonds & Southfields


Kempston West

Balliol Road




Alburgh Close

Duchess Road

Jubilee Park

Lily Close, Play Area

Kathie Road, Play Area

Acorn Way, Play Area


Aylesbury Road

Cartmel Priory

Priory Country Park


Play area in Play field, Stevington

Playing Field Pavenham

St Peters Church Yard, Pavenham

St Mary The Virgin Churchyard, Stevington


Belvoir Walk

Mowsbury Park


Queens Park

Allen Park

The Slipe

Westbourne Gardens

Henley Road Play Areas


Memorial Road, Bletsoe




Radwell Road, Play Field, Milton Ernest




Wixams Village Lake

Jubilee Field

Whitworth Play Area

Kingfisher Play Area

Green Lane Play Area

3D Pitch, Green Lane

The Waterfront, Play Area

Dane Lane, Play Area

Pheasant Grove, Play Area


Recreation Ground & Memorial Hall Play Area