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Highway Network Management

In its role as the Highway Authority, Bedford Borough Council is responsible for the management, maintenance and improvement of the non-trunk highway network in the Borough. The Borough Council develops annual programmes for capital structural maintenance programmes in accordance with the Council's 'Highways Maintenance Plan', the principles of which are:


· To deliver the statutory obligations of the Authority;

· To be responsive to the needs of users and the community;

· To contribute to effective highway asset management and maintain the asset value;

· To support effective delivery of the statutory network management duty;

· To support and add value to local transport objectives; and

· To support and add value to wider corporate policy objectives.


2013-14 Programme of Works

The 2013-2014 programme of works for Structural Maintenance Schemes has the key objective to deliver a programme that was based on the emerging principles of the Transport Asset Management Plan, which is intended to deliver improvements in National Indicator performance. The programme also tries to meet the needs of the local community by addressing issues highlighted by elected Members and Parish Councils.


The programme has been compiled based on inspections carried out through the year and suggestions made by local Councillors and Parish Councils. The Council has had to evaluate these requests against the condition of the road, the benefits to residents and local economy as well as carrying out works that ease the burden of small scale repair works facing the Council.


In addition to these carriageway repairs the Council will also be improving some of the busiest footways and pedestrianised areas in the town centre, maintaining highways bridges, carrying out works to improve highway drainage and prevent flooding and carrying out street lighting improvements as part of the Councils carbon management plan.


A report on the background and process of developing the programme of works can be found here


For Information on other schemes, such as traffic management schemes, pedestrian crossings, street lighting, drainage and structures work please contact the Highways Team on 01234 718003 or


The Council also publishes regular road works bulletins to provide information on current road works in the area. For information on road works, please refer to the Bedford Borough Bulletin.


For up to date information on road works in Bedford and the surrounding areas please click the link



2012-2013 - Highways Maintenance Programme

2011-2012 - Highways Maintenance Programme


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