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The amount of traffic on our roads makes it difficult for pedestrians to cross them safely.
Knowing and applying the rules for safe travel on or near the roads is a responsibility we all share.
The Green Cross Code may be thought of as a child's tool to cross the road safely but  it applies to all ages.

In 2011 nearly 5,907 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured and a further 20,291 slightly injured in Great Britain. The distractions of every day life can have dire consequences when we cross the road but a few simple things can get us across safely.


  • Don't cross and text
  • Don't cross and talk on a mobile
  • Stop at the kerb
  • Look all around
  • Listen (take the ear phones out)
  • Cross in a straight line
  • Keep aware all the time you are crossing.


There is evidence to show the effects of ageing cause deterioration in the skills necessary for us to continue as safe road users.

  • Pedestrians age 60-69 are twice as likely to be killed on the roads as other adults on foot are
  • Pedestrians age 70-79 are 3 times more likely to be killed
  • Male pedestrians age 80 +  are 4 times more likely to be killed
  • Female pedestrians age 80+  are 11 times more likely to be killed
  • Almost 95% of all older pedestrian casualties are in urban areas where houses and shops are located.
  • Whilst most remain active and independent in later years, older pedestrians become less aware of their limitations or what they can do to remedy these problems.


What can older pedestrians do ?

Try putting into practice the principles of defensive walking:

  • Avoid rush hours and avoid going out when it is dark or in bad weather
  • Choose the safest time possible for your journey
  • Plan the journey and cut down the number of times you have to cross the road
  • Wear bright clothing so that you can easily be seen
  • Look for the safest place to cross and if possible use a protected crossing, Pelican, Zebra, footbridge or subway
  • Cross where you have a good view of traffic. Cross with a group of people if you can
  • Carefully check the speed of approaching vehicles. If in doubt do not cross
  • Even if the speed limit is 30mph, cars may be going much faster
  • Check for vehicles which may turn unexpectedly towards you
  • Will a stationary car move off? Is it a one way street? Are any cars signalling or slowing down to turn in front of you?
  • Check that the driver is doing what you expect them to do
  • Do parked cars make it hard for you to be seen? Try making eye contact with the driver. At night cross near a streetlight  and wear something reflective
  • Poor eyesight can cause the older road user to be involved in collisions. Road users need to see as well as be seen


Bedford Borough Council Road Safety Team    

 telephone (01234) 228336

Email road.safety@bedford.gov.uk

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