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Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch (CSW) is a scheme to help people reduce traffic speeding through their neighbourhood.

Excessive speed through neighbourhoods is one of the most common issues raised with Councillors and has an impact not only on road safety but on the quality of life for those residents that endure it.

The scheme enables volunteers to work within their community to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and to help control the problem locally.

The scheme is supported by Bedford Borough Council, Bedfordshire Police, Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and Bedford and District Neighbourhood Watch.

Community Speed Watch can be set up in any ward, village or parish governed by a 20*, 30 or 40 miles per hour speed limit.

*Speed Watch Operations to ACPO limits in 20 MPH zones for the purpose of generating letters are not to be undertaken unless agreed by the police service lead.

Community Speed Watch seeks to promote safer driving in our local communities by educating rather than prosecuting individuals. Data collected by Community Speed Watch groups will be passed to Bedfordshire Police who may undertake speed checks and result in drivers being prosecuted.

Community Speed Watch requires a group of at least 2 trained volunteers to operate.

Having registered as a volunteer you will be offered a training course run by Bedfordshire Police. To ensure consistency of operations and enduring roadside safety, all volunteers will have to undergo some formal training either with Police or a suitably Police-approved trainer. You will then be asked to sign a volunteer indemnity form.

 When a group decide to run a Community Speed Watch session they will contact their designated point of contact to deliver the equipment.

The volunteers will then run the session noting the date, time, colour, make, model and registration number of any vehicles exceeding the speed limit. When the the equipment is collected, these records will be passed to the person collecting, who will then arrange for the details to be checked and the process for identifying the registered keeper of the vehicle to be written to started, informing them that the vehicle was detected exceeding the speed limit, giving the location, date and time. Persistent speeders will receive a second letter but on the third occasion they can expect further action to be taken by the Police.

Information showing the number of Community Speed Watch operations along with other speed monitoring and enforcement activities across Bedfordshire will be posted on the Bedfordshire Police website . (Opens in a new window)


Frequently asked questions;

I am interested in becoming a Community Speed Watch volunteer in my area, but I do not know anyone else locally who is also interested can I still register?

Yes, when you have registered you will be offered training and asked if it is ok to share your contact details with other volunteers who live locally, then you can contact each other to arrange suitable times and locations to run Speed Watch sessions.


I am interested in Community Speed Watch and am willing to help in areas outside my local area. Is that OK?

Yes, some areas may not have enough registered and trained volunteers and they may your welcome help.

How do I register my interest and who holds my details?

Initially we ask everyone to download the Speed watch Volunteer registration pack by clicking on the link below

Once completed and returned to the Bedfordshire Police traffic management team you will be contacted with the offer of a training date. Your details will be held with Bedfordshire Police  and shared with Bedford Borough Council . To enable volunteers to contact each other to arrange Speed Watch sessions we ask volunteers to let us know what they are willing to share with other volunteers- an email address or telephone number etc.


Interested? Register now-

The CSW Guidelines and Registration pack is available to download here . (Opens in a new window)

Request a paper version of the registration form- please call 01234 846832

The CSW Road side recording form is available to down load here. (Opens in a new window)

The process for conducting a CSW check is detailed here. (Opens in a new window)


For more information please visit http://www.drivesafely.org/community-speed-watch-545/

Questions about the scheme?- please call 01234 846832 or email speedwatch@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk


Bedford Borough Council Road Safety Team

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