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Cycling - info and advice,training

A safe cyclist is a thinking cyclist, who rides a safe, well maintained bike.

Bedford Borough Council is committed to improving facilities for cyclists and encouraging the use of cycles by new riders. Riding a bike is a great way to move around with the added benefit of gentle exercise. Cycling helps you keep fit and can save money and time.


Bicycles are vehicles not toys.

When ridden on the road a bike is deemed a vehicle and every cyclist a road user. The ‘Highway Code’ states rules for cyclists in addition to those which apply to all vehicles 

Same Roads,Rights and Rules.

With rights come responsibilities. Obey all laws, signs and signals. Two wheels or four, the law is the law!  It’s a lot safer following traffic rules than not. 

It is illegal to ride a cycle on the pavement. You could be fined up to £500 for doing so.


You can get hurt if you and your bike are not properly equipped.

Get trained.

See our Bikeability Pages  (opens in a new window) for information on how the cycling proficiency test has been brought up to date.

Ensure the bike is a correct fit for you with the saddle and handlebars are adjusted to the correct height.  Make sure it is in proper working order and that you are competent with operating all the controls. Keep tyres pumped up to avoid punctures. If you dont have the have the knowledge of how to adjust brakes and gears make sure you have the bike regularly checked by a competent person.

Be Visible at Night.

Use front and rear lights in the morning and at night.

Reflectors alone are not sufficient.

Be Seen During Daylight.

Bright clothing catches people’s attention during daylight, but the best way to be seen is to be in the driver’s line of sight.  Ride to be seen.

Use Protective Clothing and Gear.

A helmet protects an irreparable part of your body.  Wear fluorescent materials by day and reflective clothing at night.

Defensive Cycling.

Never rely on other road users to do what they should do or you expect them to. Rely on your own judgement, and ride to your own abilities. Be aware of other road users particularly pedestrians. Make eye contact with motorists when possible and always signal your intentions clearly, giving plenty of time for other road users to react.

When approaching junctions be wary of motorists who might turn left across you.  Be aware that motorists often misjudge the speed of cyclists and may change lanes and manoeuvre without signalling.

Watch out for doors opening from parked cars and be aware of vehicles pulling out of side roads.


If you spot a problem while cycling please report it to the Highways Team on 01234 718003 or  https://highwaysreporting.bedford.gov.uk/

Bedford Borough Council Road Safety Team  

 telephone   (01234) 228336

Email road.safety@bedford.gov.uk




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